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Vem älskar betongen?

The september issue of the swedish architecture-magazine Arkitektur
is dedicated to concrete with the headline "Who loves concrete?".
I know I do. It is brutal, it is hard, it is grey, its perfect.
I cannot understand when people regard concrete as something
negative, ugly, unaesthetic.

La Congiunta, Peter Märkli, 1992

Paspels school, Valerio Olgiato, 1998

Paulo Mendes da Rocha Residence, Paulo Mendes, 1960

Thinking of cinema and concrete, Jacques Tati comes up, of course, but
a certain, more recent "concrete-minded" film i can recommend,
is Rian Johnson´s Brick, 2005. Excellent cinematography and
beautiful concrete images. Sadly I couldn´t find any better stills
from the film.

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Du levande, inspiration

Edward Hopper, the nighthawks, 1942

Monthy Python´s the meaning of life, 1983

Jacques Tati, Playtime, 1967

Roy Andersson, Du levande, 2007

more ideas?

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